examples by braid type

french braid

A French braid is a basic three-strand braid where hair is added to each section as the braid progresses. Usually considered the simplest of the braid types. (more)

dutch braid

A Dutch braid is another three-strand braid, where strands are crossed under instead of over the middle. Also known as an inverted braid. (more)

box braid

The 4 strand box braid looks similar to a dutch braid from one angle, but is actually rounded, with four braided sides.(more)

herringbone braid

The herringbone braid, also called a fishbone braid, or fishtail, works with only two main strands of hair, but crosses small sections at a time to make it look intricate. (more)

multi strand flat braid

The basic weave from the three-strand braid becomes more obvious when there are higher numbers of strands. Any number of strands could theoretically be braided like this. Braids with an even number of strands will be asymmetrical. (more)


A twist braid consists of twisting the hair into a form that allows the strands to make tension against each other, rather than interweaving the braid to hold it in place. (more)